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NON DOS was established in 2006 and stand out from other Norwegian wine companies by having a clear and distinct philosophy behind the products we import. They are always made naturally – with neither shortcuts nor additives and often have an organic or biodynamic certification. So when our customers drink a NON DOS product, they can always be certain that what they get is a genuine and honest wine, containing nothing but grapes (except possibly a tiny bit of sulphur).

We call them naked wines

“NON DOS” is an abbreviation for the expression non dosage, particularly used in Champagne production, and briefly sums up the essence of our philosophy. We look for real, clean and natural products without any added sugar, acids, tannins, enzymes, cultivated yeast or other additives.

We believe that additives, chemical clarifications and excessive filtrations rob wines of their identity and aromatic complexity. And even though an oak barrel can be an excellent container for wine, to avoid wines with oak flavour, the wines we import have only been fermented and matured in large old barrels or other neutral vessels that do not taint the taste of the wine in any way.

Naked wines are wines made the way wines have always been made

All the winemakers we import wine from work in harmony with nature, avoiding the use of chemicals and additions in the vineyards and the cellar. We believe that wines should taste of the grapes they are made from and the places they have grown – nothing else. Many of our wines are even made without added sulphur.

It is all really very simple. If you have a high-quality product made from healthy and ripe grapes, there is no need to cover up the taste with neither additives nor oak flavour.

We sell our wines to consumers through the Wine Monopoly (Vinmonopolet), as well as to the on-trade. We have a large network of contacts, and we work closely with restaurants, bars and hotels all over Norway. One third of the wines we import are sold to the on-trade market, which makes us one of the most successful wine importers in this market in Norway.

Our logistics partner Skanlog takes care of the entire distribution chain, making sure that the wines we import get from wine cellar the to the customers’ hands safely and promptly, handling everything from ordering and document preparation to transport, storage and distribution.

Code of conduct

NON DOS follows the Code of Conduct requirements of Vinmonopolet. Any inquiries can be directed to: